Hi, I'm Oscar Carballal Prego

POSITION: DevOps at nToklo

I'm an open source software developer from Pontevedra specialized in Python and Django development, but also fluent on JavaScript, jQuery, Backbone, HTML5 and CSS3. I worked mostly on open projects like e-cidadania and OpenMOOC, and I'm still in charge of the maintenance of the e-cidadania server infrastructure in my spare time.
I am a GNU/Linux user since 1999. I also created a collaborative development working group called Clione Software


Statisticly based CV



  • Python (11 years)
  • Django (6 years)
  • Chef deployment recipes
  • RPM packaging
  • celery
  • PyGame / Serge Engine
  • GTK+
  • Frontend

    • Twitter Bootstrap
    • JavaScript
    • Backbone
    • HTML5
    • CSS3