Hi, I'm Oscar Carballal Prego

POSITION: Senior Software Developer at Havas Worldwide London

I'm an open source software developer from Pontevedra specialized in Python and Django development, but also fluent on JavaScript, jQuery, Backbone, HTML5 and CSS3. I worked mostly on open projects like e-cidadania and OpenMOOC, and I'm still in charge of the maintenance of the e-cidadania server infrastructure in my spare time.
I am a GNU/Linux user since 1999. I also created a collaborative development working group called Clione Software


Statisticly based CV



  • Python
  • Django
  • Chef deployment recipes
  • RPM packaging
  • celery
  • PyGame / Serge Engine
  • GTK+
  • Frontend

    • Twitter Bootstrap
    • JavaScript
    • Backbone
    • HTML5
    • CSS3